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Suzie Durigon is a self-proclaimed Certified “Culinarian” (is that even a thing?) and the creator of the scrumptious and ridiculously funny blog Just Crumbs.

To her, it’s always been about food. Eating it, cooking it, growing it, learning about it, and sharing it. It’s what, she believes, brings everyone together at the table and what nurtures our bodies (and souls!).

Suzie is a trained chef, a food blogger, a part-time culinary instructor, a food brand ambassador, a wanna-be farmer, a mom and a wife…not in any particular order.  

A while back, she began a “movement” called Bake it Forward where she delivers homemade baked goods to people she values, spreading the message that small gestures like this can bring so much happiness.

When she’s not cooking or baking – or in the garden – Suzie enjoys spending time with her hubby, two cats, one rescue pup and perhaps any of her three kids if they pop in for supper!